Saturday, June 6, 2015

The Week in Pics

Time for another week in pics!!  This week should be interesting because stuff actually happened this week.

I told Logan he could decorate my little magnetic girl...and I thought it was cute how he jam-packed it.

No filter with a sunset in our backyard.  So pretty.

One of the new books I want to read.  I  *finally* made it to the library because it's been closed this whole time!

Love this kid.

Before his soccer game
Took him to his soccer game on Thursday night! He's actually the far left one.

My dad is the assistant coach.  It looks like Logan's wearing a cape but it's his goalie jersey.

The collage binder I made this past week because I was sick this past weekend with strep AND hand-foot-mouth virus.

I was going through old boxes this week and found this gem: an old journal entry of my sister's that my mom found.  #pricless.

I also found this old love note to me from her.  My heart melted.

Came across the one and only paint-by-number I ever did. Such talent...
 These next few pictures deserve more than just a couple of captions.  Last night the power went out in Chickfila...and like, the whole street.  It was so crazy--imagine seeing almost the whole street dark without ANY fast food/lights lit up...!  It happened around 9:10ish.  All of the employees were cheering because it meant that we would close up shop early and go home.  We sent the four families that were still there home and started to close.  While the masses were cheering, our manager wasn't because she knew it only meant one thing: staying up late trying to save the food that would inevitably spoil without the power of a refrigerator.  The manager on shift, Allison, asked who would be willing to stay with her until at least 11:30 to wait for the power to come on.  I volunteered because I thought it would be an adventure... Well, it was.  The power didn't end up coming back on until midnight, and when it did, it missed the. main. fridge.  Dang!  So that meant that we had to move all of the perishables from the biggest fridge in the restaurant to all of the small fridges.  We were cramming the most random foods in the most random places...huge cheese packets crammed in the drive thru fridge, tons of egg substitute in the salad prep fridge...until 1:30.  The craziest part was that my shift on Saturday was from 6:30-4:00, and my shift last night started at 4, so it was almost like I worked at Chickfila for a full 18 hours with a 5 hour break to sleep.  I made it!
It's a little creepy to be at Chickfila at midnight with only one other person and the lights are flickering...
You can see how the lights outside in drive thru were messed up too--if you can picture this, they were flickering like crazy, back and forth like a strobe light.

Excited employees...

My sister on headset

Me and Allison 

We both had grilled chicken wraps at midnight.  The only time I will ever be able to eat at the front counter ;)

the sunrise this morning, on my way to work again

My clockout time-sheet.  It will never say "1:18" in the morning again.  The end to the Chickfila story :)

Another love note from Hannah. <3

Also found some anatomy projects from high school.  I should work on my drawing more.

This is the video clip from my dad's award ceremony.  He won the poetry division in the local poetry contest for like, the fifth year in a row, minus one year.  He is so talented.

Other newsworthy events: My dad got a job!!  After being out of work for over a year, we are SO GRATEFUL that he's found one!!  The commute is about 45 minutes away.  So happy.

Also, my brother got his mission call!  After postponing it for about a year, we are also so grateful he's going on a mission.  So great.

I think that's about everything!!


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