Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Week in Pics

Worked out with Hannah this week and I haven't been this sore in FOREVER! #success.  Also, we've been reading the scriptures together :)

I did an experiment to sell homemade bread this week.  It brought in some good cash but overall I am NOT doing this again.

The three girls at Cheesecake Factory this week for my mom's birthday.  Not pictured are Logan and Dad.  Nate was sick ... :(

Nothing like some good selfies ;P

I don't know.

Just a little car jam sesh.

Logan got a hold of my phone on the way to Cheesecake...

"Hannah Boo Boo" is what I call Hannah :)

A spontaneous picture of our "Backstage Tour..." #findthehappiestemployee

From tonight's family night.  It was firefighter themed and we had to wear these hats.  The firemen came and you could "touch a truck."
Finally the three of us together in our uniforms!!  I was NOT a fan of wearing these "spirit" hats...

Our family went to IHOP this past Monday morning, kind of a spur of the moment thing.  We had to rush  though because I had to work :(  It was the last day we could all go out since my dad is starting his new job next week and we work Saturday mornings.
The other side of the table (obviously).  I wish we got someone to take a picture for us, but we seriously were in a rush...
Throwback moment to the first Monday I was home when we all went to Chuckie Cheese's for Logan's birthday.

This is the story of my life.
The next chapter in the story of my life ;D
Inspiring quote of the day.  

I love this picture Hannah took of Logan.

Last but not least, the song I'm hooked on this week.  I feel like there's so much feeling in this song, and I love the approach this guy has.

Have a great rest of the weekend and week next week!!

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