Monday, August 10, 2015

The weeks in pics

It's been a crazy summer.  My last post was three days before my dad had a massive heart attack.  Our family is finally getting back into a rhythm, I think.  Anyways, I've still been trying to take pictures in the meantime.  And there are a lot of selfies.  #sorrynotsorry


enjoy :)

We took family pictures this past Saturday morning then went to IHOP after.  The best part was definitely IHOP.

Hannah and I went shopping together this past week.  We both look a little ratchet, but it's our favorite thing to do we needed to document it ;)

SELFIE!  still trying to get used to the blond tips...

This was taken when we went to our family friends' house to do a two-day BOM readathon.  It was fun, but also long.  That Friday night we went to our first drive-in movie and saw Jurassic World (dumb) and the new Minions movie (even dumber).  The drive-in experience was fun though.

Landon (left.  I think he's about to be 21.) and Austin (right. he's 17)

selfie after work.

on our way!

We went dancing a couple of weeks ago.  It was a crazy huge Latino event.

This is what I would look like if I were one of those girls who took duckface selfies after she's done with work

I'm so happy my dad is still here with us.  I'm so grateful every day.

Someone from my mission sent me an awesome care package this past month, including the whole outfit!  It made me feel so special.

I went to Utah for one of my best friend's wedding.  It was really nice.  This is a picture of my best friend Emily (not getting married) in between the wedding and the reception.  We went to lunch at this place in SLC called "Blue Lemon," and it's SO GOOD!

The four of us bridesmaids (minus her sister and the groom's sister).  Alex, the one in white, was the one getting married.  Erin was the other bridesmaid.  She was one of Alex's high school friends.

It was so awesome to hang out with Emily again :)

My uncle (who's really more like my brother since he's only 6 years older than me) who did my hair (who's also not gay)

the SWEET rainbow exhibit at the MOA that I saw with Devin :) We should have gotten a picture of the two of us but I forgot

Me, Emily and Alex when we went to the Corner Bakery after getting picked up from the airport

A shot of a very stressful moment...on the way to the airport we got a flat! So my dad had to come rescue us along with the roadside service

Hannah Boo Boo and me at Landon's homecoming

me and logan (I call him "Bo")

Me and Pops


Fourth of mom, Logan and I went to Sonic and the watched fireworks at a weird angle from the car.  I wasn't even scheduled to work that day.

Mike and Becky, the owners of Chickfila, presented Amy Rodriquez, the woman who saved my dad's life, with Chickfila for the rest of the year.  All the paramedics came too.

I always get a picture with the cow with my uniform because it's FUNNY, okay??  get it, like, I'm in my uniform, and I'm WITH THE COW!?  *cough*

SELFIE TIME!  pre-blond 

Before work

Grandma and Gayleen came to the rescue when my dad had the heart attack.  I don't know what we would have done without them, especially Gayleen.

Fox Four News came and interviewed our family and Amy Rodriguez!!  

Hannah fixing Dad's hair before the interview.  Dad doesn't even remember the hospital.

the sunset on the way home from the hospital on the day of my dad's heart attack.

Me and Logan the day before the heart attack at Chickfila.  We went to Wet Zone afterwards.

"When it's not really 'your pleasure'"

Me trying to do the "crow pose" from yoga.  I don't know why, but my mom and I always end up goofing off at like, midnight trying to do hard yoga poses.  I'm in my church clothes.  a pencil skirt.  what the.
In conclusion...

I've absolutely LOVED being with my family this summer.  It has been SUCH a blessing in so many ways.  I mean, really--I can't imagine spending this summer any other way.  Being home has really strengthened my relationships with them, and I know I was supposed to be here to help them out.

At the same time, this summer has been one of the hardest summers of my life.  I think it was a bad combination of working fast food, coming home from a mission and dealing with the adjustment, and then our family trials.  I will never forget this summer--the hardest and best summer.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your dad's heart attack. My father had one several years ago too. He was never quite the same after that. I hope your father will recover quickly.

    Looks like you otherwise had a fun summer!

  2. The best!! Love your blog, and I love you,too -- keep writing!!