Wednesday, September 16, 2015

the past pics

SOOOOO.... I should be doing homework right now, but I'm going to do a blog post because 1) it's been over a month and 2) I need to do it.  Okay, great.

Family pics right before I left=a success.  

Last Rooftop Concert of the season with Kyleygirl

My little apartment!  I took these before we all officially moved in.

Last Yogurtland trip with the mama.

We went up to Arkansas for a little weekend trip the weekend before I left.   This is of a chapel in a BEAUTIFUL garden place we went to (I can't remember the name...).  I would get married here if I didn't get married in the temple.

The next few are of a "fairy garden" exhibit.  I love everything fairy/pixie/whimsical.

The coy pond

We also went boating.  I wish that one piece of hair wasn't there....>:(

Nate was our DJ.  He admittedly played really good music for our little boat excursion.

The only hot spring we actually saw.  

Hannah wanted me to take a picture of this when we went out shopping on the strip because apparently this is a famous cupcake shop...

Back to the boat...Dad was the driver.   I felt bad because he couldn't get in the water, and I know he wanted to.  He was a good sport though.

We went to this little pancake shop.  The wait took forever and the service was really bad, but the pancakes we ate there were THE BEST I have EVER eaten in my entire LIFE.  They were amazing.  We all agreed it was worth it.  They also had freshly squeezed orange juice, which was also equally amazing.

back to the boat.

The view from our place

a poor picture of Kitty.  She got hit two weeks ago.  I'm so glad I wasn't there but it's been really hard for our family.  I feel so bad and part of me doesn't believe it's happened.

Probably my favorite snapchat of Hannah.

The story of my life right now, seriously.  This morning on FB I saw yet another person from freshman year who's had a baby.  Not that I want a baby or anything right now. 

I wish I've taken more pictures, but there hasn't really been anything to take a picture of.  I've gone on a few dates since being back, but I haven't really documented any of those.... I also haven't officially hung out with my roommates.  I hung out with Emily for the first time last night in a long time, but we didn't take a picture. I don't know.  I'm working on it.