Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Week in Pics!

So I've been a *little* behind...but here's the week(s) in pics!  New goal: take more pictures and update more frequently.  Think of more things to write about.  And write them.

My new motto.  I'm enjoying life as it comes and I'm not going to let myself worry anymore.

Meagan took me to the Brandon Flowers concert this week!  It was so awesome.

Me and Meagan (a selfie)

A really nice lady took this for us.  Actually, one of my favorite parts of the concert was watching this lady and her best friend dance.  They were awesome.  I was also honored that Meagan chose me out of all her friends to go!  I felt a little guilty for missing FHE, but I got over it pretty fast. ;)

Went to this with Nate--it was so fun! 

Family picture!  I love this picture of us.
A snapchat update from Hannah on Sunday night.  I love and miss them so much.

Hannah is a little stunna with her braces off!!  I need to send her a stick to beat the boys away or something...!

Me, Nate, Landon and Ellie when we went to the Chill Fest concert.  It was so fun too!  I was really happy everything worked out.   I invited a lot of people, but the four of us going worked out perfectly.  The food trucks were amazing and I really liked listening to Us the Duo.  T-Pain was okay...we left early-ish.  Silento also came, and although all he could sing was "Watch Me Whip" or whatever, it was still fun.  It was also really cute because the guys bought us dessert and we all shared :)

A snap from Hannah.  I love this one.  We both *hate(d)* working at Chickfila.

Forgive me of my vanity...but I like this snapchat selfie that I sent my mom. :)

Me and Devin at Chalk the Block.  We went with the duck face look...haha
Devin and I went to Chalk the Block about a week and a half ago.  It was really fun!  The art was amazing.  Dinner was really good at the Provo Beach Resort too (surprisingly), and I had a fun time with Devin.

The 3-D Basilisk!

One must always take a picture of the sunset if possible.

I know, I'm ridiculous

Can you believe this was done in CHALK...on a PARKING LOT!?

I liked this one because it illustrated how everyone has overcome something.  It encouraged everyone to take a piece of chalk and write what they have personally overcome.  I think I wrote something like "loss of friends."

Throwback to the Chill Fest concert: I sent Nate a snap and he sent me this back!  I had to screenshot it because it's basically evidence that he thinks I can be like the cool kids. :-P

Before the "real" part of the concert started, there were these sweet  bubble things you could go inside and run around in...I don't really know how to describe it.  But it was way fun!  This is Landon.

Me and Nate

This is a picture of me taking a picture...of the bubble thingies.
This was a snapchat update of Hannah's...and I thought it was so hilarious!  It was an aging filter put on Logan.  This makes me smile.

I love and miss Nate so much

Our family at the Purple Cow.  I love this picture of us.  It's my phone lock screen.

A failed attempt at taking a selfie with my aunt's dog...this dog is seriously probably my favorite dog ever.  His name is Jack and he is SO sweet!

A snapchat from Hannah...this is the street view of our house.

I love this snapchat from Mom of Logan.  I love it when he makes this face.  As you can see, I only had one second to capture it...I'm so glad I did!

A view of City Creek.  I went with Mitch and Jennie.  I love hanging out with them.

Again, I miss Nate.  

A ridiculous picture I had Mom take of me.  I *probably* shouldn't have included the caption...but I forgot to save it without the caption... oops.

I love this snapchat I took of Nate.  He was telling me how I should have been able to drive on black ice, because he's "driven on white ice, yellow ice, blue ice..."  He has to be one of the most hilarious people I know.

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  1. The BEST!! We love and miss you, too!! Keep up the great twirk, I mean work! (Ummm, you ARE going to class, right??) :)