Sunday, February 21, 2016

The past [...since Novemeber 23] in pics

Sooooo...I feel like I'm always saying this, but it's been forever and a half (again) since I've last here goes--more pictures since November 23! :)

I love taking creeper snapchats... You can't really tell, but this guy was KIP IN THE FLESH (from Napoleon Dynamite).

Pink clouds!!  Good days are just around the corner.

The snow is pretty (but annoying.  So glad it's melting).
I love all of Hannah's snapchats

Current FB profile...and I uploaded this to insta too.  I like the picture edit because my hair was never black...I don't know how that turned out like that.  I also love Hannah's resting B face.

Emily and I went ice skating at a stake activity (and were panicking, but we did it!).
TBT to before Nate left on his mission and we ate at Chili's with our mom and Logan

Hannah with the best snapchat funny.

No filter.  I can't get over these colors.

I also think this picture is hilarious.  That snapchat filter is soooo bad....

My grandparents and I went to the Corner Bakery a couple of weeks ago.  It was really fun to be with them.

The Provo City Center Temple!  The open house was so incredible--the wood and stained glass were remarkable.

Sister Buttars Mikaila Curtis!!  

A sweet little Valentine's Day dinner Grandma and Grandpa invited me to!  It was so special--roast beef, sweet potatoes, salad and rice.  I loved it.

The new Valentine's Day shirts Mom sent me <3 

The flyer I made and posted on the stop sign near our complex.  "Wanted: one mediocre and boring roommate..."

My cousin Gavin and I went to BYU's Humor U and Cupbop together a few weeks ago.  It was fun to get together with him.

Emily's snapchat of me for our first water polo game.  So fun. :)

Hannah and Dad

I had to wear a mask for 8 hours for my Infectious Disease class.  It sucked so bad.  I had really bad anxiety that day haha.

This made me really happy to see that they actually dress the same too.
I'm sorry, but I had to take a screenshot of these tinders...Priceless.

Mitch cut my hair at the beginning of December (before all the family came in).

It was so great to have my family in town this past Christmas break <3

Hannah took this snap of me talking to my dad

Emily went to a formal event over break.  She looked so beautiful!

My family and I were able to all do a session when my second cousin took out her endowments.   It was really special to all be in the temple together (a first).

Hannah when she got her hair done

We got to Skype Nate on his mission on Christmas <3  He's doing really well!!

Lynn made me a beautiful Chicago quilt for Christmas!  I barely noticed Logan photo bombing this picture!

From when we were waiting at the temple for my cousin to get married

Hannah, Mitch and Jennie and I went shopping at City Creek after Chris' wedding reception

The picture on our Christmas card

Logan's new ball.  I can't remember when my mom sent this to me...

Landon made me Christmas bread this year!  It was so sweet.

#sufficientlyhipster.  From when Emily and I checked out the Provo Market a few weeks ago

All the way back from Thanksgiving.  
I made the Grim from Harry Potter!!

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  1. Excellent pictures, Bethany!! I loved 'em all!! :)