Saturday, May 14, 2016

This weekend

It's Saturday morning, and so far so good.  I got up, went to work for literally only 30 minutes, and now I'm killing a little bit of time before a free dance class at The Wall.  Read my scriptures, now I'm's going to be a good day.

After this I'm going home, showering, and getting ready for a little lunch with Gavin (my cousin). Then I'm planning on going to the temple with my roommates and hanging out with Emily tonight (binge watching 30 Rock, wearing sweats and eating chips and salsa. YAAASSSSSS).  Last night I went to Yogurtland with Sarah and saw "Mother's Day" with Gayleen.  Froyo was fun...but we ended up having a really deep conversation about life and sickness and how to live every day like it was your last.  I'm really worried about Sarah and her health.

The movie was okay--it was entertaining.  It was kind of lame, a lot like "Valentine's Day," but it was fun to go hang out with Gayleen.  I hope she liked it too.  We got popcorn and cokes (so basically my dinner last night was frozen yogurt, popcorn and coke.  Awesome, right?).

Tomorrow night I'm planning on going to Gayleen's house.  It will be a full weekend.

I really want to write updates about boys here, but I feel like I've accidentally told too many boys about my blog... It's probably best if I stay conservative and not write anything here.  Or maybe I could come up with code names!!  haha.

Harry Potter and I are good friends still.

Dano and I are no more/never were.

Met Hugh Jackman last week but haven't heard from him since.

TMZ is texting me but I don't know how I feel about it.

How's that? :)

Friday, May 13, 2016

The past three months in pics

So it's been forever.  Forever and a half.  Here we go.

The EPIC wreath my friend Sarah and I made for our door at work.  I've never done anything so "pinterest-y" before!!

Got my wisdom tooth out this past semester.  Just one.  

I don't know why, but I'm obsessed with these snapchat filters...

They're so disturbing but I love them.

Me, my cousin Landon and my cousin Gavin's roommate Josh.

A screenshot from when my family went out to eat

A picture from when I went and did some service at the mouth of Rock Canyon.  It was actually a really pretty day and I don't mind picking up trash.

I got my dress tailored to fit me and I really like it :)

Emily and I went to see Daughter in concert. SOOOOO GOOD

Saw Hellogoodbye with Ty, and Ty's ticket won us backstage passes!  It was cool to meet them I guess, but they were also kind of weird...

Flew home with my grandparents at the end of March for Logan's baptism.  It was stressful fun to fly with my grandparents home for such a short amount of time.

My uncle's hot friend that I would NEVER date in a million years.

Got my hair recolored to a copper brown (like Emma Stone's)

A screenshot from when my family went to the Great Wolf Lodge for a mini-vacay (for Logan's birthday)

A new dress my mom bought me randomly--SO nice of her!!  It was just because.  I love it and I'm a total sucker for dresses.

So, I played the Tinder game a little bit this past semester...and when I showed Emily Tinder for the first time, THIS GUY SHOWS UP.  HOW DOES THAT EVEN HAPPEN??  He was her ex, and out of ALL the people who could have shown up, it was her ex.

Not saying he's not eye candy.  Either of them, actually.

Also, I'm still super obsessed with nature.

Sometimes when you're bored out of your mind studying for finals, you need to take a selfie and send it to your mom.  And post it on your blog.

Our family pictures from this past winter.  It's really cool because my grandma was able to cut a picture of Nate and glue it in.  It totally looks real!


And this guy too.

Okay, this lady killed me.  She took her baby to Zumba...!  

Library selfie.  For all those who are deprived of my selfies on my other social media.


Went to the Matt Kearney concert here at BYU.  It was really fun.  Actually, for a part of it I was alone, but some girls from my ward/stake came and stood by me.  It was because I just bought a single ticket.  It was worth going. 

Went to the X Ambassadors concert the next night...It was kind of awkward/lame because I went with this guy I met from Tinder.  However, it was cool because he knew people who snuck us onto the floor. :) And the music was really good.

Got sushi with Sarah that week.  Soooo good.

Went to the National Parks concert that Saturday (I know, three concerts in one week was kind of obnoxious), but it was fun.  I really wish I was the violinist in that band.

Baby Jack Jack.  Gayleen's family's dog

My mom and dad sent me flowers for finals was SOOO nice!!  I loved them.

Sarah and I went on a hike on a Friday afternoon.  It was a really fun (and probably one of if not THE longest) hike I've been on.  It made me want to hike more...but I need to find more people who want to hike too. 

A random mustache smile on the back of a tree...super random.

Oh, and we went to froyo after.  Did you expect anything less?  Also, I became a Yogurtland Platinum member this past month.  I don't have anything to say about that...

This was someone's snap story a while ago.  I thought it was hilarious.  (And I totally got that it was a Star Wars reference 

We also went to Sarah's wedding at the end of finals.  It made me crazy up until like, the very end when we were dancing like crazy and I hung out with Kaleb.  I felt bad/lame for being the only girl our age without being a bridesmaid, but at the same time I didn't really expect her to make me one.  I won't make her one of mine, but I felt awkward and frustrated all day.  We went to City Creek in the afternoon, but I kind of split off and ending up reading my book until it was time for the reception.  The reception and luncheon were SO MACDADDY.  It was super nice.  The luncheon was at the JSB in SLC, and the reception was at the Grand Hotel Ballroom with a full catered dinner, photobooth, DJ, everything.  The bridesmaids all looked really pretty too.  I know I'll never have a wedding like that, but it's fine.  I appreciate when others have receptions like that.

Flowers from the temple

Sister Smutney sent me a country swing dance outfit!  Isn't that so sweet!?  I love it. :)

I went to my cousin Becca's bridal shower a couple of weeks ago.  It was really nice because Barbara bought everyone lunch.  This is a picture of me and my aunt Barbara.  I took it to send to my dad.  The wedding reception is next week.  It was kind of awkward, but only minimally--everyone did their best to make it not awkward since we all hardly know each other.   I felt bad because I had my gift shipped to their house, and they were only two kitchen items from their registry.  I should probably buy another gift or something. 

I liked the way the storm looked when it was coming in.

I had Rachel, my new roommate, take this picture of me when we were walking around Center Street for the Provo Rooftop concert.  I know, super cheesy, but whatev.  I intended for it to be a snap story, but then my camera wasn't working or something, so it ended up being on my phone camera, and I didn't send it to anyone...and now it's here on my blog.

Me and Rachel

We went to Pioneer Book for the first time--and it's a great little book thrift store!  I liked it.  We accidentally stayed 20 minutes after it closed though.  Oops.

THERE WERE BABY DUCKS ON CAMPUS!!  Ducks are one of my favorite animals now.  I seriously love them--they act like they own the place and I think it's hilarious.

When you show your grandma the snapchat filters for the first time :'-)

A snap my cousin took of us to send to one of his friends.

I got my nails done the other night!!  The first step in me really working on giving up nail biting and picking.
I think that's about it for pictures. :)