Saturday, May 14, 2016

This weekend

It's Saturday morning, and so far so good.  I got up, went to work for literally only 30 minutes, and now I'm killing a little bit of time before a free dance class at The Wall.  Read my scriptures, now I'm's going to be a good day.

After this I'm going home, showering, and getting ready for a little lunch with Gavin (my cousin). Then I'm planning on going to the temple with my roommates and hanging out with Emily tonight (binge watching 30 Rock, wearing sweats and eating chips and salsa. YAAASSSSSS).  Last night I went to Yogurtland with Sarah and saw "Mother's Day" with Gayleen.  Froyo was fun...but we ended up having a really deep conversation about life and sickness and how to live every day like it was your last.  I'm really worried about Sarah and her health.

The movie was okay--it was entertaining.  It was kind of lame, a lot like "Valentine's Day," but it was fun to go hang out with Gayleen.  I hope she liked it too.  We got popcorn and cokes (so basically my dinner last night was frozen yogurt, popcorn and coke.  Awesome, right?).

Tomorrow night I'm planning on going to Gayleen's house.  It will be a full weekend.

I really want to write updates about boys here, but I feel like I've accidentally told too many boys about my blog... It's probably best if I stay conservative and not write anything here.  Or maybe I could come up with code names!!  haha.

Harry Potter and I are good friends still.

Dano and I are no more/never were.

Met Hugh Jackman last week but haven't heard from him since.

TMZ is texting me but I don't know how I feel about it.

How's that? :)

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