Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The past month in pics

Hannah and I were sending selfies of ourselves to each other... Two things: 1) Hannah is freaking gorgeous.  2) I love that she said I'm beautiful :'-)

Nate bought my mom a new puppy for her birthday!!  His name is Cooper.  Apparently my mom always wanted to name a boy dog Cooper (and a girl dog Poppy).  HE'S SO CUTE AND I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE HIM!

Well, the caption is already there but...this is the door I decorated for the summer.  It's the alternative to the festive patriotic flag I wanted to make and bring in.  Rachel put the kabosh on that one.

This is a super sweet text from Meggie that I always wanted to remember.  I'm so grateful for her friendship.  She's one of my very best friends.

This is a picture of the necklace I bought Lynn for her birthday.  I also got her a Vocal Point cd.  I hope she liked it.  She texted me to say thank you, but I'm super worried that I messed things up with her when I told her about my dad's heart attack.  (He lived but her boyfriend passed away from a heart attack).  I feel really bad.  I don't want to miss her birthday or Christmas though, because she did so much for me on my mission and after.  She means a lot to me.

These snapchat filters though...

Doesn't this look like it belongs in a calendar??

So...on Mother's Day I met this really attractive Australian guy who was friends with my aunt's family (he served his mission with my cousin and lived with them for some time before his visa came in....). Anyways, this guy was FINE.  Or so I thought.  We joked around about him coming to one of our "cousin breakfasts," so I finally invited him and three of my cousins.  The only thing was, NO ONE SHOWED UP.  And this Australian kid texted me an hour and a half later to tell me "Sorry, I forgot to tell you I was out of town, but yeah, I'm free almost every Sunday morning."  Ha, NO!  I'M NOT ANYMORE FOOL.  He came again to our family party on Father's Day this past Sunday and YOU CAN BET I did not give him the time of day.

Anyways, this food was really good.  I enjoyed it

My grandparents and I went to Cafe Rio the other week...1) It was awesome to spend time with the G's, and 2) I LOVE CAFE RIO.

Sister Smutney sent me THREE awesome outfits the other week!!  She said they were for country swing dancing, which she knows I love :)  She is SO generous.  I love her so much.

This is kind of sad...but I go to Yogurtland so much that they sent me a rewards card...with my name on it.

Throwback!!  Hannah sent me these.  I think I look good in this picture haha.

Me and Rachel, one of my current roommates.  I can tell we're going to be best friends.  I really like her.

Cheesecake Factory...for my mom's birthday (?) or my dad's fake birthday, I can't remember...

When we went and hiked the Kanarraville Falls.  I super loved this hike.

When we hiked the Narrows.  We all went camping on the Friday before Memorial Day and stayed the night at Ty's friend's Erin's house, then we went camping on Saturday night.  It was a really fun weekend.

Me and Ty

Because this is my blog and the only place I ever post selfies by myself :'-) haha

My dad was able to go back home for the Memorial Day weekend too.  I think it was really good for him to go home and visit.  I'm glad he got to go.

When we rode the shuttle up to the Narrows.  The  Narrows, by the way, were SUPER hard...especially if you have thin crappy shoes like I did.  It was beautiful, but very cold and hard to walk.

When we got back on Saturday night we all cooked together.  It was fun.  Thuan had us get a TON of food, but it was all really good.  We stacked our little sleeping cushions on top of each other so we could have a table.

Our campsite.  I  should have taken a picture with the tent up and everything, but I forgot...  I think my favorite part of the trip was when we all played "Truth or Truth" that night.

Me and Ty again.  Obvs.

<3 on the way there.

Earlier that week I tried out the acaii bowl at Jamba Juice.  It was pretty good!  I've tried all three flavors now and I think the acaii is my favorite.

A selfie I took on the day I gave a talk.  Everyone said  I gave a good talk, which made me feel good.

When I went out with Sarah, we saw this sign and were laughing at "how expensive the chicken nuggets were..."

I took this picture because this teeny tiny little kid was on a scooter...he was smaller than normal size

This made me smile
At work we made this creepy baby out of rice krispie scraps...I don't even know.  This is my coworker Hanna.

You can't really tell what this is...but it's a full moon that only happens every 70 years because it's also on the first day of summer.  It was cool. To me at least.

My boy David Archuleta. </3 I love him so much.  He's the type of guy I want to marry.  I can tell.

So my grandma started waiting in line at ONE O'CLOCK.  I didn't get there until 5:30 or so, and the doors opened at 6:30, and the concert started at 8.  I thought it was awesome and sad and funny how she waited a total of 7 hours outside... I also felt bad because I know she really felt the aftermath that week.  She said she'd do it all over again though.  I thought that was really sweet.  She also scouted out the exact spot she wanted me to run to, which kind of gave me a little bit of anxiety.  I didn't want to mess things up after she waited so long!!  Got the good seats though.  Also, David was *perfect.*  His performance was amazing and he had a lot of great little mini spiritual stories that he shared in between.  

Grandma and I saw Finding Dory this past weekend in 3D.  It's so funny because she LOVES going to the movies.  She loves getting popcorn (and pretzels) and seeing things in 3D.  Finding Dory was good too.  I don't think it was AS good as Finding Nemo (and that may be just because I grew up with Finding Nemo...) but it was still good.  I'm actually seeing it again with friends tonight for five dollar Tuesday.

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