Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Me and Stuart

So it's been forever and a half since I've blogged...and I'm going to seriously get better at it.

In the meantime, I wanted to create a post with all of the pictures of me and Stuart, highlighting some points of our relationship so far.

Kind of cheesy to include, but this is the invitation to the opening social where we met

This is one of the selfies of him that I love--shows how pretty his eyes are...

Selfie from the first date night. I was so nervous. I sent this to my mom for encouragement haha.

Stuart took this of me on the first date (Sept 16). This was the prettiest part of the maze. The other parts of the date were going to Wallaby's and Yogurtland.

Selfie from our fourth date to the scary haunted forest (Oct 7). The second date was the volleyball (Sept 22) and the third date was a group date to bowling (Sept 29).

Selfie from the halloween dance (October 17). Also the first time I kissed him on the cheek (he said "thank you")

The roses he gave me for my birthday in addition to a really sweet note and coloring book. (Oct 21. Also, he took me to The Cheesecake Factory the next day for my birthday. That was when we became official).

This is the first picture we ever took together (minus the first one before that wasn't that good). We carved pumpkins for FHE, taken on the first Monday that we were *official.* (Oct 24)

This is supposed to be Ron Swanson from Parks and Rec, NOT Trump.

The second picture we've taken together. Gayleen took this and sent it to Mom, from the first time we went to my family's for dinner.  (Oct 30)

from the Halloween party we went to Oct 28 in the clubhouse. We went as Bert Macklin and Janet Snakehole from Parks and Rec.

And these two pictures are actually from Halloween when we went to a different dance party. Then we watched Nightmare Before Christmas.

Later that night we made grilled macaroni and cheese sandwiches together (and they were really good, even if they were not too healthy...)

November 5--went to Color Me Mine and made epic mugs

Which was on the same day that Stuart had to go to the eye doctor and he took this selfie of him beginning to grow a beard...and I asked him to send it to me :)
The finished product!!

Weekend of November 12--we went and slept over at Jared's (Stuart's roommate) house up in Holladay. It was the first weekend Stuart really put his arm around me for a movie. We had fun playing a lot of games and swimming and hanging out. We played Truth or Truth and made apple cider. Stuart doesn't know I took this picture...but I love it because it captures him helping out. He's really good at helping out.

The cider we made was the best thing I've ever drank in  my life...

Nov 13--a really funny candid picture of me that Gayleen took. She was taking pictures of me and Stuart together the whole evening and was sending them to my mom...

A selfie Stuart sent of himself on November 16

Also that night...I went over and hung out for a little bit, playing a board game with him and his roommates. He is so cute...

A selfie I sent to him on Nov. 17, all dressed up because of an interview I had to go to.

From the basketball game on the 19th. We went to both the football game AND the basketball game. 

From our date on Nov 18th. We went to Malawi's and the mall to look at music, then came back and played on the piano. I insisted that we took pictures at the photo booth :)

A screenshot of his selfie from instagram earlier this week. He is so handsome.

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